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Green Tatsoi



First harvest

5 weeks

Final harvest

8 weeks

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Green Tatsoi, also known as rosette Pak Choy, is visually appealing due to its spoon-shaped leaves and rosette growth pattern. It offers a mild, sweet, and slightly nutty flavour. 


Like Pak Choy, Tatsoi can be incorporated into many quick-cooking applications. It is delicious steamed, and stir fried, typically added to soups,  or lightly braised and served as a side dish. One way to eat it raw is to use the spoon-like leaves as a burger bun replacement when they get big.

Care and Harvesting Tips:

To cut the whole head of the plant, leave about one inch above the ground so it re-sprouts. 


To harvest the whole head, harvest from the base at week 5.

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Quick Facts

Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, K, Calcium

Dogs👎☠️ | Cats 👎☠️ | Rabbits👍 (👎☠️: Not advisable, 👍: Safe to include in every day diet)

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