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Volcanic Sorrel


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Volcanic Sorrel, also known as Oxalis Spiralis, is a flowering herb; it has delicate, spiralling, purplish-red leaves and produces five-petaled yellow flowers. Volcanic Sorrel was first officially collected — near the Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica, hence, its name. 


The leaves and stems of Volcanic Sorrel offer a sour flavour with a lemony zest, providing a clear, tart accent to any recipe. They are often used in salads or as garnish.


However, Volcanic Sorrel should not be consumed in large quantities or too often due to the concentration of oxalic acid.

Care and Harvesting Tips:

Carefully pluck or snip off the desired leaves from the plant. You can start with the outermost leaves, working your way inward. Avoid damaging the stem or removing too many leaves from a single plant to allow for continued growth.


Depending on your needs, harvest a reasonable amount of leaves, leaving enough on the plant for it to continue thriving. This ensures the sustainability of the plant and allows it to produce new growth.

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Quick Facts

Vitamin A, B1, B3, B9, C, Calcium, Chromium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron

Dogs👎☠️ | Cats 👎☠️ | Rabbits👍 (👎☠️: Not advisable, 👍: Safe to include in every day diet)

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