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Mustard Frills


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First harvest

2 weeks

Final harvest

3 weeks

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Mustard Frills are a type of mustard green known for their delicate, feathery leaves and spicy, tangy flavour. Mustard Frills are best eaten raw; cooking mustard greens cause them to lose their texture and flavour.


Mustard Frills are suitable as a garnish – adding extra taste to salads, sandwiches, and soups.

Care and Harvesting Tips:

Mustard Frills can be harvested fully when leaves reach desired size, about 12 – 15cm.

Quick Facts

Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Copper, sodium, Potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium

Dogs👎☠️ | Cats 👎☠️ | Rabbits👍 (👎☠️: Not advisable, 👍: Safe to include in every day diet)

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