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November Newsletter
Posted March 2, 2024, 5:54 pm

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What’s new at Grobrix this month?


  • Seed Change Campaign

  • Second Office Farm at LinkedIn

  • Nurturing Young Farmers with Schools and Honeycombers


New Grobrix Campaign: Seed Change


We’re thrilled to introduce our Seed Change campaign, drawing inspiration from Grobrix’s foundational belief in the strength of collective action. Our own origin story echoes this philosophy, which you can read about here. Encouraging individuals to embrace lifestyle farming not only fortifies our cities but also fosters meaningful connections between residents and their food, taking a small yet impactful step towards health, self-sufficiency, and shared responsibility to combat emissions and climate change. 


This campaign is also inspired by all the people and companies that have supported Grobrix, as they play a pivotal role in driving the movement forward. We’re proud to share that over 50 commercial sites are now making a tangible commitment to seed change and contributing to a greener and healthier future.


If you believe in making a difference, we invite you to be a part of the Grobrix movement.



LinkedIn’s Second Office Farm


We have collaborated with LinkedIn to create more green spaces and foster employee engagement in their office through the addition of a second farm. A tangible expression of LinkedIn’s commitment to sustainability and wellness, the Grobrix farm is a main feature of their new office pantry. The LinkedIn-grown greens are used in the cafeteria, offering employees the freshest greens for the ultimate farm-to-table experience.


LinkedIn Office Farm


Nurturing Young Farmers


In November, we participated in Edutech Asia, where we received positive feedback from educational leaders regarding Grobrix as a tool for shaping the future generation. The enthusiasm from educators to integrate Grobrix into their teaching methods is particularly uplifting, seeing it not only as a knowledge-imparting tool but also as a means to instill environmental consciousness and sustainability across all educational levels. With the successful launches at Naval Base Secondary and Chung Cheng High School, the prospect of Grobrix becoming a fixture in educational institutions throughout Singapore and Malaysia is increasingly promising.


We also collaborated with HoneyKids and the Forum mall to host Go Green, a family-oriented sustainability event, last November 18 and 19. Attendees participated in eco-themed activities, and Grobrix, alongside Fogo Fungi and HerbYvore, conducted workshops on sustainability. The Grobrix workshop introduced lifestyle farming to children and parents, sparking active participation and excitement. As one child exclaimed after harvesting a bagful of greens, “we are going to have some salad tonight!” Watch this video to see more highlights from the event.


Honeycombers Event


Ready to join the Grobrix movement? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out here.


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