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Companies that value sustainability and wellness can walk the talk with Grobrix. Partnering with us offers an easy and tangible way to integrate healthier, eco-friendly practices, driving positive change, fostering conversations, and enhancing overall employee or customer experience.

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We recently partnered with Grobrix in our Singapore office by installing a vertical farm wall that features a variety of edible greens. Macquarie colleagues had the opportunity to learn from Grobrix representatives about their soilless, vertical farming process. This initiative is aligned with Macquarie’s sustainability efforts to promote better physical and mental health through a more sustainable work environment.
Macquarie Group
eat your vegetables! #sodexosg #lifeatsodexo #sgtiktok #farmtofork #grobrix #verticalfarming #plants #farming
Inspired by the lush cityscape of Singapore, our goal is simple: to bring the same verdant energy to our cafes. Our in-cafe garden has played a vital role in making that happen. Through this farm-to-kitchen approach, we have achieved some remarkable outcomes. Every month, we successfully avoid 2.8 kilograms of plastic waste, while nudging our users to enjoy fresh greens with a 20% increase in salad consumption. Their overwhelmingly positive feedback motivates us to continue making sustainable strides. Our vertical farms have also brought fun and flavor to our cafes through an interactive cook-along session with our talented chefs. Using farm-fresh lettuce, we guided users in creating tasty salad wraps that suit their on-the-go needs. This week, we are excited to welcome the urban farmers from Grobrix, who will share insights into the sustainable solutions that vertical farming brings to the table. We believe that flavor, freshness, and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand. It is a challenge that we embrace with passion and dedication. #sustainable #chefs #environmental #sustainability #farmtotable
Farm in the office is a success! We are thrilled to announce the installation of our very first indoor hydroponic green wall in the office – a beautiful and meaningful addition that goes in line with our commitment for a greener workplace as well as to inspire our co-workers towards a more sustainable, healthier living. Last week, we held our very first harvest session during Friday Chill Hours. Our co-workers got their hands dirty and experienced the thrill of farming firsthand. The fresh produce were turned into salads, wraps, and some even had it on its own! Few lucky co-workers also took a piece of the harvest home to share with their families, spreading the inspiration that our green wall has ignited. The positive response to our hydroponic green wall has been overwhelming, which fuels our excitement for future harvesting sessions! Together, let’s nurture and grow a greener and sustainable tomorrow! #Sustainability #IndoorFarming #green #hydroponics #urbanfarming #greenwall #harvesting #commitment #IntoPlanetCommitment #GreenWorkspace
A simple urban farming sanctuary turned the link bridge walkway between our Block A and Block B into a thriving green oasis that promotes wellness, sustainability, and a closer connection with nature! Sharing here some snippets of our previous harvest session that took place. #OnYourSide #Healthcare
This urban farm is providing a green space that benefits our employees and our planet, helping to conserve water, promote biodiversity and reduce carbon emissions. Learn more about #LifeAtPaloAltoNetworks, our long-term net zero goals and ambitious science-based targets.
Palo Alto Networks
Thanks Grobrix team, your small actions are helping us all make big change. We love our “salad wall” too #WeAreMaxeon #PoweringPositiveChange
Great to see the Grobrix edible wall growing at our SAP Singapore office, providing fresh greens to our staff. #eathealthy #eatlocal #sustainability #lifeatsap
Love Shell Singapore initiative with Grobrix to plant vegetables in office and allows us to try fresh delicious harvest on a weekly basis ! They even give us seedlings to grow our own in office where my colleague Xinge Xu has become a skilled plant mommy whereas I’m just a skilled plant eater. #gogreen #greenwall
This is a great urban farming addition to any office, restaurant, hotel or really all indoor spaces that are slightly cooled. Here at CBRE’s Singapore HQ we are relatively new converts, but already the team has enjoyed a couple of harvests of fresh, fragrant and attractive herbs and veg. No supply chain problems, low carbon footprint and a damn tasty product. A proper green wall!
“In-between meetings and workpapers, today I harvested some Grobrix greens from the KPMG Singapore office and used them to make a salad bowl. The leaves were so fresh and delicious! Despite being grown indoor without soil, the plants (sweet basil, kale, etc) were thriving! The plants I grow at home looks kinda sad in comparison ☑️ Yummy, healthy food ☑️ Can save up from having to buy overpriced CBD food What’s not to love? Hopefully, more companies will be adopting this #sustainable practice in their offices! “
Clarissa N.
Our hydroponic wall is thriving – it’s growing faster than you can say “grand rapid lettuce, bolloso basil, and mustard frills.” We had our first harvest session where the experts at Grobrix answered our curious questions about sustainable urban farming. It is exciting to see our community team use our workplace as a platform to promote pro-environmental behaviour through green initiatives like this
C&W Services
Wednesdays are always extra special at the GenZero office where we come together for ‘Harvest Day’ to celebrate healthy eating and reap the fruits of our labour at our zero-mile indoor vertical farm. Ranging from tomatoes, chillis, habeneros, to kale, thyme and mint – we grow a diversity of vegetables, herbs and fruits to cater to the salad lovers, mint tea drinkers and spice seekers in our team. On days with bountiful harvest, we even get to take some fresh greens home for our families and pets to enjoy. Special thanks to Grobrix for enabling us to have the power of green fingers! (Check out the crops from this morning’s harvest!)
“This is how Prudential Assurance Company Singapore is helping to educate employees on growing their own food, and to encourage sustainable and healthier living. Urban farming company, Grobrix, help maintain the wall farm, transplant in baby seedlings and harvest mature crops direct to the PruBistro. a brilliant, thought provoking initiative, well executed.”
Robert Aldous
“With having the world’s first modular edible hydroponics wall, not only are we reducing our farm to table distance from 2000kms to 3m, we’re also supporting local innovation. As an organization with an inherent maker culture, this feels close to the heart and..might I add..healthy for the gut.”
“happy friday happy office harvest day! ‍ such a cute little farm at our ByteDance canteen~ yummy thank you for the organic and fresh salad “
Daye Kim
“By growing the greens in our restaurant, we reduce our carbon output for produce to travel to our restaurant and cut down on the amount of single-use plastic that produce comes in.”
ONE15 Marina
See how City Development Limited (CDL) works with Grobrix to connect with their employees; by building a sense of community through the weekly harvest sessions.
City Developments Limited
The man, the myth, the legend…… Agritecture Founder and CEO Henry Gordon-Smith reporting from Little Farms Tanglin Mall
Henry Grodon-Smith
“Within the #APACWorkplace we are empowered and enabled to help #linkedin reach these goals and we partner with Grobrix in our Singapore office to have #verticalfarming, check out this video to learn more and see what we do!”
Sara Campbell

How we nurture community engagement

At Grobrix, we provide a thoughtfully curated menu of workshops designed to educate and encourage active participation. Here are some examples. 

What are Farm to
Table Salad Sessions?

The Farm to Table Salad Session is an initiative that makes use of the goodness of your office grown fresh produce to offer employees a fresher alternative to their usual lunches at the nearby salad place. It’s a great way to not only promote the use of fresh produce, but also encourage a sense of community and well-being. All that is required are some basic condiments and utensils.

What is Farm to

Farm to Future is an open and candid sustainability discussion designed to heighten awareness of environmental issues and advocate for lifestyle farming as a practical means for individuals to contribute to positive change. This talk incorporates insightful statistics and engaging activities to effectively convey key messages, ensuring that attendees depart from the event feeling not only informed but also empowered to make a difference.

What is the
Seeding Club?

Nurtured with care at Grobrix, these seedlings are brought to your workplace as part of our normal visits to be brought home to be grown with our simple grow kits. Engage in lively discussions with team Grobrix and colleagues on our dedicated community forums to share successes (and failures). A simple initiative for employers to encourage their employees to take urban farming back to their homes.

What is
Little Farmers’ Workshop?

The Little Farmers’ workshop offers a hands-on experience of lifestyle farming for young budding gardeners. Dive into the world of germination, nurture seedlings, and relish the joy of harvesting fresh produce.

Participants will be introduced to the art of germination, the crucial first step in any plant’s life. They will also take home successfully sprouted seedlings along with our grow kits and a bountiful harvest from the onsite Grobrix wall.

Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect:

1. Germination Mastery

Participants will be introduced to the art of germination, the crucial first step in any plant’s life. Our Grobrix farmers will guide the attendees through the process, sharing tips and tricks to ensure successful germination.


2. Taking Home the Bounty

Participants will not only enriched with knowledge but they will also get to bring home a piece of the workshop – be it thriving seedlings ready for transplantation or the greens they’ve personally harvested from the
Grobrix wall. This tangible takeaway serves as a constant reminder of the skills acquired during the workshop, encouraging participants to continue their journey in gardening and sustainable living.

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