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May Newsletter
Posted April 17, 2024, 9:51 am

What’s new at Grobrix this month?


  • We build our first Hospital Farm in Kuala Lumpur with Gleneagles
  • W Hotel Sentosa. A new farm to table experience.
  • Grobrix Kuala Lumpur! Here we come!




Our First Hospital Wall Farm


grobrix kuala lumpur malaysia gleneagles hospital farm green wall


At Grobrix, we see a future where urban communities have a closer relationship with their food, and urban farming is enjoyed by all as a lifestyle endeavour to nourish the body, the mind and the soul. We want to bring urban agriculture to places in the community that can benefit the most and this is why our first hospital installation with Gleneagles in Kuala Lumpur is particularly special for us. After all, who needs the health benefits of farm-to-table fresh produce more than the sick? We hope this installation can also help brighten their space and bring some welcome stress relief to patients and the people that dedicate their lives to caring for them.



Another Hotel Farm Goes Up @ W Sentosa


grobrix W sentosa farm green wall


Following the launch of our Grobrix Lite Offering at FHA last month, we are thrilled to put up another wall farm up on Sentosa. You’ll be able to feast your eyes on this one whilst enjoying your Sunday brunch with a glass of bubbles before hitting the water slides. We look forward to seeing how the chefs incorporate the multiple varieties of basil and mint we are growing into their farm-to-table experience.




Grobrix Kuala Lumpur


grobrix kuala lumpur mathew howe gazing at petronas towers


For months now, we have been testing out the Grobrix product and service in Kuala Lumpur, working with a local partner on the ground to make the farming happen. We now know what it takes to start taking Grobrix to other locations, and this month’s Gleneagles Hospital installation marks the official launch of Grobrix Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with Urban Farm Tech. Please reach out if you are reading this from Malaysia and want to embark on your own urban farming journey.


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Mathew Howe
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