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June Newsletter
Posted June 17, 2024, 4:44 pm

What’s new at Grobrix this month?

  • SAP’s first three weeks as urban farmers.
  • Danone’s Family Day. Fun harvesting for the whole family.
  • BCA Green Mark and WELL certifications

SAP’s First Month as Urban Farmers

    Office Farming!? It’s a new thing. We get it. People might not know how it works so I thought I’d share our first three weeks working with SAP at their Singapore HQ. This is how it happened.

    2nd June – Two of us turned up with a few boxes. These all fit in a single lift. It’s pre-assembled so the wall farm went up and is anchored to the wall with adhesive tape in less than 3 hours! We did not drill into the wall and we do not require mains water. We then threw a variety of seedlings, lovingly prepared at our nursery onto the wall and labeled them. Each label has a QR code to our resources center with crop and nutrition facts along with recipe ideas!

    21st June – Most of the crops were ready to eat! After a quick introductory, educational and interactive activation session, we started harvesting. Crops were taken home by staff on this occasion but could also go into an onsite food program in the future. We reload the wall with more seedlings.

    28 June – Weekly harvesting starts. Everyone now becomes a farmer for one hour a week on a journey to lead more sustainable, self sufficient, happier and healthier lives!

    Family Day Party @ Danone

    As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, Danone has a ‘One Planet. One Health’ frame of action, which considers the health of people and the planet as intimately interconnected, Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices. With our shared values, we were pumped to be invited into Danone’s Singapore Office to start farming with them back at the end of May. Our first harvest was timed to coincide with their office family day. There were clowns, there were magicians, there was candy floss and there was URBAN FARMING!

    BCA Green Mark and WELL Certifications

    There are so many reasons to bring Grobrix into the workplace! Here are a few.

    • Entice employees back to the office post covid
    • Develop Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
    • Promote sustainability, self sufficiency and food security
    • Encourage better eating and improved physical health
    • Support employee mental well being
    • Boost morale. Improve productivity. Create a sense of place. 

    And here is another! We have recently discovered that our office clients are using their Grobrix walls towards BCA Greenmark and WELL certifications. Below outlines the categories we can contribute towards for ESG benchmarking and metrics.

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