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International Women’s Day Series: Grobrix ambassador, nutritionist Charlotte Mei
Posted April 17, 2024, 8:18 am

Next in the series, we spoke with Grobrix ambassador, dynamic nutritionist and presenter, Charlotte Mei, who shared insights from her personal journey and offered her perspective on empowerment within the broader business landscape.


“Being ‘counted in’ has been instrumental in shaping my trajectory,” Mei began. She recounted pivotal moments where recognition and support paved the way for her ascent from a passionate nutritionist to a prominent figure in her field. “Taking on the responsibility of running my own company at the age of 24 was no small feat, and I am particularly grateful for instances where I was ‘counted in.’ It was anything from being invited to observe, to being given the chance to partake and contribute.”


“As someone fervently committed to empowering individuals through nutrition education, I believe that investing in women is not just a moral imperative but a strategic decision that propels innovation, creativity, and positive change for everyone involved.”


As our conversation delved deeper into the role of investment in her growth emphasising the transformative impact of strategic investments in her personal and professional development, “When I started my career as a nutritionist, I never envisioned running my own company. The support from those around me, and some strategic decisions and investments have empowered me not only to pursue my passion but also to broaden the reach and impact of my mission.”


“Regarding financial investments, I’ve learned that among all the products one can invest in, one’s business is perhaps the most significant! It took me a while to gain confidence in investing in my business (i.e. myself), but it’s such an empowering reminder!”


Yet, Mei was quick to underscore that investments in women extend far beyond financial contributions. “While monetary support is crucial, genuine investment in women’s leadership development involves a holistic approach,” she affirmed. Mei advocated for inclusive policies, mentorship programs tailored to women’s needs, and platforms for networking and collaboration. “Equally significant are the mentorship-based investments I’ve been fortunate to receive. Guidance from experienced professionals has provided invaluable insights, helping me navigate challenges, make informed decisions in running a business and building a successful brand. Because no one teaches you business when you’re pursuing a science degree!”


On the topic of gender equality, Mei highlighted the underrepresentation of women in critical areas such as nutrition research, and her commitment to driving change through empowerment initiatives. “Numerous barriers and stereotypes persist within the professional setting. Issues such as lack of representation, microaggressions, pay inequality, and work-life balance challenges are just a few.”


“In my conversations with other women, the main challenge that comes up is maternity discrimination, coupled with the anxieties associated with motherhood.” She continued, “Questions about the impact on one’s career throughout pregnancy, during maternity leave, and beyond, including the prospects of taking a career break in the early years of a child’s life, are pervasive concerns. While I haven’t personally encountered this scenario, this got me reflecting on the potential challenges women may face in balancing motherhood with their professional aspirations.”


“Recently, a teammate of mine entered pregnancy, prompting us to engage in open conversations about our respective needs and expectations as an employer and employee. Embracing flexible work arrangements has been crucial, fostering an environment of understanding and empathy. This experience has reinforced my belief that the journey towards gender equality requires a commitment to open communication and accommodating the diverse needs of women at various stages of their lives.”


“In my role as a nutritionist, I’ve observed the underrepresentation of women in nutrition research, a critical aspect given our biological differences and the nuanced considerations in nutritional needs between genders.”


Throughout our conversation, Mei’s optimism shone through—a belief in the power of collective action and investment to accelerate progress towards gender equality. “Through initiatives focused on education, advocacy, and empowerment, we can create a more equitable and inclusive society for all,” she concluded.

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