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Yong Liang Lai
Posted June 17, 2024, 5:22 pm

Yong Liang had been helming his corporate role in the energy sector for 15 years when he decided to throw the towel to grow and build companies with like-minded people, fuelled with purpose and passion. During the pandemic, he began his venturing endeavour, largely revolving around the agriculture and technology sector, and in a twist of fate, he landed himself in Grobrix. Things gradually worked out by themselves, and he never looked back.

He is a certified yoga practitioner, as well as an avid competitive tennis player who enjoys drinking Kombucha and trying very hard to make his own SCOBY. In the end, he sticks to what he does best – Farming. Grobrix is farming – farming for a purpose, a lifestyle and a future. He self-quoted that “Bitcoins mine the future of money; Grobrix farm the future of lifestyle.” Go Grobrix.

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