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International Women’s Day Series: Grobrix’s Operations and Farming Lead, Evelyn Liu
Posted April 17, 2024, 9:53 am

In a world where concrete jungles dominate skylines Evelyn Liu is sowing the seeds of change with us at Grobrix. As part of our International Women’s Day series, here’s Evelyn’s story:


“Throughout my career, I have been in industries that are considered dominated by either gender,” Evelyn reflects. “However, because of diversity, I was given opportunities to pursue my chosen direction, with freedom to express ideas and be part of something exciting.


“Businesses that embrace diversity thrive due to not being bound by limitations or resources that restrict their progress,” she says.


Evelyn highlights the various and critical investments that continue to shape her career success. ” I’ve been fortunate to experience nurturing environments with an emphasis on providing education for all.  


“This foundation, as well as the options for financial support, was crucial in shaping me. Additionally, the organisations I’ve worked in had women in senior management who provided great mentorship to me.”


Evelyn’s vision extends beyond her own career; she envisions a future where women play a central role in revolutionising the workplace. ” Increasingly the barriers brought about by social and cultural norms are tough to break and compounded by the global happenings.


“Businesses should continue to support the valuable work that has been done for the investment in women by creating awareness by recognising the work of women’s leadership within their organisation.


“Just imagine what could be achieved if businesses prioritised collaboration with each other to support the cause,” she concludes.


Grobrix Urban Farmer, Evelyn Liu
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