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February Newsletter
Posted June 17, 2024, 5:48 pm

New Website, New Offerings, New Locations.


At Grobrix, our mission is an unwavering commitment to encourage, empower and educate urban communities to live more sustainable, self-sufficient, healthier and happier lives. In only 12 months, we have evolved from a spare bedroom startup to a team of six full time passionate urban farmers on a mission to paint the town green! We now operate Kuala Lumpur and have just incorporated in Australia in preparation for a Sydney Q2 launch. relaunched!



For months now we have been trying to articulate our mission. What do we do? Why do we do it? Why do we exist? Why do we get out of bed in the morning? It’s finally time now to pull back the curtain! Check out our new website to learn what you can grow, who is growing with us, and why you should join the movement!


Grobrix for Home


With the launch of our new website, we now offer Grobrix to home users with the promise of maximum nutrition, fun, and guaranteed success! Grobrix was always designed for home rather than commercial locations. When pen went to paper, I never expected offices to want one! Our farm wall was originally designed for this very spot right next to my coffee machine. I thought it might be nice to tend to an edible farm ‘wall’ whilst enjoying a morning espresso or sippin’ on a glass of chardonnay before dinner (..or lunch). There were a few pain points that I was trying to solve too!

1) I was tired of finding unopened rotting bags of mesclun mix in the crisper drawer of my fridge.

2) I was irritated with the unreliable supply and poor quality of herbs available in the supermarket coming over the border from Malaysia.

3) I was annoyed with the seemingly unnecessary use of single use plastics which I knew would never be recycled in Singapore.

4) I was frustrated with the results of growing greens and herbs outside on my balcony. Too much heat. Not enough sunlight. Over-watered. Under-watered. Pest infestations.

Want to grow some food at home? Please visit the website to find out more.



Grobrix Pop-Up



Want to make an impression for your event or space? Now you can rent a back-to-back Grobrix Farm Wall that is beautifully designed to brighten any space. This placement was set up at the Andaz hotel two weeks back for a recent CBRE event. And speaking of pop-up, we are proud to be the vertical farm sponsor at the Eco-Business A-List this Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel!



Splendid Harvest, Beautiful Farmers


Kicking off your March here with these happy faces here both in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur! Eat fresh! Waste Nothing! Be Happy!



Ready to join the movement? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out from here

Mathew Howe
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