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Best offices to work in, according to Grobrix’s Intern
Posted May 27, 2024, 8:48 pm
I’m Isabel, the Digital Marketing and Content Intern at Grobrix for the past two months. During this time, you may have seen me busy capturing Instagram Stories, group photos, and TikTok videos as we venture out to farm your office’s Grobrix. This unique experience of following Grobrix from one office to another has afforded me the opportunity to meet new people and immerse myself in various office environments. Having visited nearly 25 offices across Singapore and engaging with their employees, I’d love to share my insights on the best workplaces, in my opinion.
I'm the one on the right!
KPMG stands out for more than just its monthly Grobrix live salad bar. They go the extra mile with a range of engaging activities for their employees. On my first visit, I was surprised when they hosted a lunchtime candle-making workshop, allowing employees to unwind and express their creativity. As a fan of arts and crafts, I found it interesting that companies would organise such activities for their staff. What’s even more impressive is that this isn’t a one-time event; KPMG plans different activities for its employees on a regular basis.
Special mention: They even have a bishibashi arcade game in their office, adding a fun element to their workspace.
2. Bytedance/Tiktok
Working in the Central Business District (CBD) comes with its pros and cons, with high lunch costs being a notable drawback. However, ByteDance steps in to solve this concern by providing daily catered lunches. You might assume that eating the same catered meals daily could become boring, but ByteDance keeps it exciting by offering diverse menus on different office levels. One day, it could be Japanese Bento Sets, while the next day, it features a catered buffet with a wide variety of fruits and drinks. Additionally, their long cafeteria tables foster a sense of community and encourage group conversations among employees.
3. SAP

SAP earns its spot on this list for two compelling reasons: their workstations and Ella. Anyone who has visited SAP’s offices would likely consider working there in the future. They boast soundproof closed office pods, providing ample space for one person to work without feeling cramped. These pods are a boon for those who thrive on zero distractions during online meetings and focus-intensive tasks.

Moreover, SAP’s secret weapon is Ella, their coffee robot machine. Ella offers an extensive selection of coffee options, ranging from black coffee to hazelnut latte and even milk tea, all free of charge. This caffeinated delight is the perfect energy boost to kickstart your workday.
At the time of writing this blog, I actually only have 2 more days till my short yet fruitful time here at Grobrix ends. Despite the short period of time, I am immensely grateful for being able to have experienced such a unique internship. Tasked with things like designing social media content, engaging with the community, and urban gardening, it allowed me to learn beyond just digital marketing. Meeting new people from different companies, restaurants, and even community centres has been a blast. If you are ever looking for an internship or know someone who is, being a Grobrix Intern will definitely be an experience you will not regret but something to look forward to each day.
Farmer Isabel
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