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Christopher Lee
Posted June 17, 2024, 4:43 pm

With a passion for sustainable food sources and biodiversity, Christopher is an experienced legal and governance professional working with a global leader in sustainability and efficiency. To keep his entrepreneurial spirit active Christopher is also co-founder of Hub2XC – a Singapore based group that became an early investor with Grobrix. Christopher brings his legal expertise to embed global best practice into local solutions and to help manage the ever increasing complexity of multi regional supply chains. At his own farm in Australia, Christopher is adopting the core principles of permaculture and the syntropics approach to reintroduce more biodiversity via local indigenous fruits and produce.

“Sustainability of the food chain with closer proximity to its production will ensure a more secure and exciting “farm to fork” experience and Grobrix is well positioned to ensure this is achievable within an urban environment which I am proud to be part of”

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