SALAD HEAVEN – Home starter combo


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A specially cultivated combo for those salad lovers out there! Start making your own salads in weeks not months.



  • Italian Basil x 1
  • Bolloso Basil x 1
  • Red Vein Sorrel x 1


  • Dwarf Tomato x 1


  • Rainbow Chard x 1
  • Tuscan kale x 2
  • Curly Kale x 2
  • Butterhead Lettuce x 2
  • Romaine Lettuce x 2
  • Red Rapid Lettuce x 1
  • Grand Rapid Lettuce x 1
  • Red Oak Lettuce x 2
  • Mustard Frills x 1
  • Arugula x 2

Care and Harvesting Tips:

Be sure to let all the seedlings grow and mature for at least 3-4 weeks before the first harvest. Follow guidance in the Grobrix starter pack for water level and nutrient information.

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