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Lime Basil


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3 weeks

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10 weeks

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Lime Basil is most often used in raw applications, though it can also be dried for teas or spice blends. Young fresh leaves are eaten raw or steamed as a vegetable side-dish in Indonesia and used as a flavorful herb for cooking in Thailand and Malaysia.


The fragrant leaves are often used to mask strong fishy or unpleasant smells in various dishes.


Use Lime Basil in place of common sweet basil for a zesty twist on any recipe, such as traditional pesto.

Care and Harvesting Tips:

Cut and come again! Basils are fast growing crops, frequent harvest can help maintain their healthy growth. Partial harvest from the top and sides of the crop by cutting the stems just above a leaf node (the point on the stem where leaves grow). It’s important to not harvest more than one-third of the leaves at a time, in order to allow the plant to continue growing and producing leaves.  


Basil may develop thick roots, lift the net pods up to check the roots every 3 weeks and trim extending roots, leaving just one pinky finger long of roots extended from the base of the net pod.


To delay bolting, snip the flower buds off as when they appear. 

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Quick Facts

Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and Folate

Dogs👍☠️ Cat 👍☠️ Rabbits👍☠️ (👎☠️: Not advisable, 👍: Safe to include in every day diet)

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