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Bull’s Blood



First harvest

3 week

Final harvest

10 week

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Bull’s Blood tastes sweet and slightly bitter with an earthy note. It belongs to the beet family, but the red foliage is commercially sought after, while the beets are harvested as a secondary crop.


Marketed as “Ornamental Beets” for their intense red foliage, Baby Bull’s Blood beets are harvested young because the larger beets are not considered fit for culinary use.


Bull’s Blood leaves are commonly used for salads for their colour and richness in polyphenols that promote health.

Care and Harvesting Tips:

Baby Leaves  – Harvest with a knife when leaves reach the desired size, about 15cm. Cut about an inch above the grow plug to allow for clean regrowth.


Bunching – Cut or snap mature leaves individually. New leaves will grow for multiple harvests.

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