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Our Solution

Our Patented Modular
Edible Green Wall​

What if we could grow food crops in a frame and light them up like pictures in a gallery?

What if we could blend the aesthetics of ornamental greenery with the functionalities of modern controlled environment agriculture?

This is Grobrix. Furniture meets farming. Modular by design and beautifully designed to brighten any space. Designed, developed and made in Singapore. Now patented around the world.


At our nursery, we lovingly germinate over 50 variants of non-GMO leafy greens, herbs, fruits, and edible flowers.

We grow our seedlings (baby plants) in biodegradable, organic and compostable grow plugs. These are delivered direct to your location, providing you with a 3-week head start. So no germination needed and a 100% success rate.

Our Service And Maintenance

As part of our all-inclusive service, we assign a dedicated urban farming team to provide comprehensive support, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your farming setup.

We focus on crop health through effective nutrient and pest management along with optimisation to site ambient conditions.

All parts are regularly cleaned on site at our regular maintenance visits. We conduct a bi-annual service and strip down that replaces all components that touch water or organic matter. These parts are brought back to our fulfillment center to be cleaned, sterilized and reused. Nothing is thrown away.

Engagement & Support

Our mission is to encourage, enthuse, empower, and educate urban communities to live more sustainable, self-sufficient, happier and healthier lives.

Through in person engagement sessions with our commercial offering and full digital support for home users, we are here to take you on a journey. We are here to turn you all into farmers, if only for one hour a week.

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