Posted 16 January 16,2023 ,am


Take Singapore, for example; we currently produce just 10% of the population’s food needs. Having to rely on 90% of our nutritional needs from abroad is a real national threat. Securing food sustainability through a changing focus of farming from rural areas to cities is the way forward to producing 30% of our own food by 2030, reaching our ’30 by 30′ goals.

The plan calls for everyone in the city to grow what they can and where they can through innovative solutions and technologies.

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Grobrix Farm Wall

No Germination Needed. Optimal Growth Rate.
Grow with pre-sprouted seedlings, providing you a 2+ week head start and high growing success rate.
No Food Waste. No Packaging Waste.
Harvest what you need, when you need.
No Soil. No Mess.
Grow with 100% bio-degradable coco coir.