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Low Energy. Space Efficient.

Beautifully designed to fit any home & space.

Hey there! Are you like us?

Want to grow your own food for a healthier, happier, and more sustainable life but can’t seem to do it successfully?

That’s why we created Grobrix.

Grobrix is the world's first modular edible green wall that allows you to grow your own food cleanly & efficiently indoors.

With Grobrix for Home, you can enjoy delicious home-grown herbs and vegetables year-round on an aesthetically pleasing farm wall with an all-inclusive membership to get things growing.

What do you get with Grobrix for Home?

The Grobrix Farm Wall & An All-Inclusive Membership

Grobrix Farm Wall Delivery & Assembly

Grobrix Farm Wall Delivery & Assembly

🚚 A brand new Grobrix farm wall will be delivered and installed at your home. That’s right! We’ll do it for you.

Seedlings & Nutrients

Pre-germinated plants are delivered straight to your door.

🌱 Up to 20 seedlings, lovingly raised by our urban farming experts, delivered straight to your door every month, including nutrients.


♻️ You waste nothing growing with us – All plastic containers and net pots are collected back to Grobrix for reuse.

Grobrix Farm Wall Delivery & Assembly

With you every step of the way.

👩🏻‍🌾 On-site introductory training by a Grobrix urban farmer, with a follow-up visit for the first farm wall restock.


📲 A dedicated WhatsApp chat with our expert urban farmers for any questions and support.

Full Product Coverage & Warranty

Grow with peace of mind.

🔧 Accidentally broke something? No worries. The subscription includes in-person and on-site support to fix and replace any parts at no extra cost.

Why do it?

Store-bought produce loses up to 50% of nutrients in transit.

2000km is the average Farm-to-Table journey for your leafy greens to reach Singapore.

The percentage of plastic waste Singapore recycles is less than 5%

At Grobrix, we want to be part of the solution, and we want you to join the movement!


Empowering you to grow your own food is our way of taking one small step towards making our world more sustainable and increasing your well-being.

Hear from our home users:

Activate Your Happiness

for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee a day:

Grobrix for Home Membership

S$1373 for the first six months *

* Includes a one-time joining and installation fee of S$599, and a 6-month upfront monthly fee of S$129/month.


A 6-month upfront subscription payment is required on all membership plans, which will be collected on the installation day.

Elevate your lifestyle, Increase your well-being.

Growing with Grobrix is a chance to invite wellness, connect with plants and nature, and fully realise your beautiful, vital selves!


A single Grobrix unit is W65 x H200 x D45 (cm).

Grobrix requires minimal footprint and should be placed indoors against an empty wall of W65 x H200 (cm) with two wall outlets and good airflow or ventilation.

Grobrix is designed to work best indoors, and we encourage putting Grobrix only in an indoor setting.


Reason: (1) Singapore is warm and tends to get really hot on days. The plants are not designed to endure such heat by nature. Hence, growing outdoors might not be as optimal.


(2) The Grobrix Farm Wall must be fully sheltered from rain and strong wind, as mechanical timers and main powers must be protected from water.

The Grobrix Farm Wall is rented to customers as part of the membership and is not for sale.


At Grobrix, we want to be part of the circular economy. If the time comes that you no longer wish to grow with us, we repurpose the wall to a location such as a school or community centre. If we can’t find a home for it, we will ensure the parts are recycled.


We typically don’t drill into your walls and will use a 3M double-sided tape to secure the brackets to the wall.

A single Grobrix unit consumes around 100W of power while the energy-efficient LED lights are on. With the lights on for 12 hours per day, this comes out to about 40 KwH of energy per month.


At current home energy prices, this would typically run less than 10 SGD per month.

No need! With Grobrix, we do the hard work, and you get the fun! We have a team of urban farmers who lovingly grow and germinate the seeds in our nursery before delivering them to you, so you can have confidence your crops will grow to maturity and yield a healthy, delicious, and bountiful harvest.


With Grobrix, no green thumb or growing experience is needed. All you need is a beginner’s mindset.

Grobrix offers over 40 varieties of non-GMO, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, such as butterhead lettuce, red rapid lettuce, chye sim, chilli padi, kale, and much more.


The seeds are germinated in our local nursery until they are fully sprouted before delivering them to you – this way, you get a 3-week head start and can start harvesting in as little as 2 weeks for some varieties.


Visit the Grobrix Seedling Store for the full list of fruits and vegetables that can be grown with Grobrix Farm Wall.

The main requirement to having Grobrix in your home is that you have a keen interest in growing, value nutrition over yield, and have a beginner’s mindset.


Grobrix requires little space, an empty wall that is not blocking the main walkways with good airflow/ventilation indoors is all we need!


However, as effortless as hydroponic farming might sound, there still needs to be some work put in to make magic happen – you should be willing and able to maintain the farm wall by checking water levels about once a week, refilling and topping up nutrients where required, and learning to prune your crops as needed.


After all, plants are living things, and just like humans, the better the environment and the better it is cared for, the better they strive.

The initial fee covers delivery, installation, and joining fees, which are not refundable.

As little as 45 minutes.

Still unsure? Tap the button below to be connected with an urban farming expert via WhatsApp. We’re always happy to talk!

At Grobrix, we bring the farm and the farming to you!

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Grobrix has been featured in the press, magazines, and news programs across Singapore and Southeast Asia

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Grobrix Farm Wall

No Germination Needed. Optimal Growth Rate.
Grow with pre-sprouted seedlings, providing you a 2+ week head start and high growing success rate.
No Food Waste. No Packaging Waste.
Harvest what you need, when you need.
No Soil. No Mess.
Grow with 100% bio-degradable coco coir.