Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is an empty wall that is at least 65cm wide x 200cm tall, and 2 power sockets. Grobrix works well even in small spaces.

Grobrix offers over 60 varieties of home-grown fruits and vegetables, such as butterhead lettuce, red rapid lettuce, chye sim, chilli padi, kale, and much, much more. Our experienced and dedicated urban farmers lovingly raise our specially sourced seeds in our local nursery until they are fully sprouted and ready for transfer to your home farm wall, where they will quickly grow and thrive – some varieties are ready for harvest in as little as 2 weeks!

Visit the Grobrix Seedling Store for the full list of fruits and vegetables that can be grown with your Grobrix home farming wall.

No. Plants need to sleep too. If the farm wall is indoors, we recommend a 12-hour on-off cycle. The lights can come down for 8 hours if it’s on a balcony.

A single Grobrix unit consumes around 100W of power, which is roughly the same as a large laptop computer, and about 1/10 the usage of a typical A/C unit.  This comes out to about 40 KwH of energy per month.

At current home energy prices, this would cost less than 10 SGD a month.

As little as 45 minutes.

We typically don’t drill into your walls and will use a 3M double-sided tape to secure the brackets to the wall.

Grobrix is designed to work best indoors, and we encourage putting Grobrix only in an indoor setting.


(1) Singapore is warm and tends to get really hot on days. The plants are not designed to endure such heat by nature. Hence, growing outdoors might not be as optimal.

(2) The Grobrix Farm Wall must be fully sheltered from rain and strong wind, as mechanical timers and main powers must be protected from water.

The Grobrix farm wall is rented to customers as part of the membership plan, and is not for sale.

At Grobrix, we want to be part of the circular economy. If the time comes that you no longer wish to grow with us, we repurpose the wall to a location such as a school or community centre. If we can’t find a home for it, we will ensure the parts are recycled.

The initial fee covers delivery, installation, and joining, and is not refundable.

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Grobrix Farm Wall

No Germination Needed. Optimal Growth Rate.
Grow with pre-sprouted seedlings, providing you a 2+ week head start and high growing success rate.
No Food Waste. No Packaging Waste.
Harvest what you need, when you need.
No Soil. No Mess.
Grow with 100% bio-degradable coco coir.