What type of fruits and vegetables can I grow at home with Grobrix?
Posted 25 May 25,2023 ,pm

Grobrix offers over 60 varieties of home-grown fruits and vegetables, such as butterhead lettuce, red rapid lettuce, chye sim, chilli padi, kale, and much, much more. Our experienced and dedicated urban farmers lovingly raise our specially sourced seeds in our local nursery until they are fully sprouted and ready for transfer to your home farm wall, where they will quickly grow and thrive – some varieties are ready for harvest in as little as 2 weeks!

Visit the Grobrix Seedling Store for the full list of fruits and vegetables that can be grown with your Grobrix home farming wall.

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Grobrix Farm Wall

No Germination Needed. Optimal Growth Rate.
Grow with pre-sprouted seedlings, providing you a 2+ week head start and high growing success rate.
No Food Waste. No Packaging Waste.
Harvest what you need, when you need.
No Soil. No Mess.
Grow with 100% bio-degradable coco coir.