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10 Tips to Improve Workplace Wellness
Posted March 2, 2024, 5:39 pm
Grobrix Harvest at Sodexo Singapore HQ

With how fast-paced today’s corporate world is, it has become increasingly important for employers to promote workplace wellness as a means of maintaining a productive workforce. Not only will promoting workplace wellness boost the happiness and satisfaction of the employees, but it can also directly affect employee retention and productivity.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think. In this article, we will cover 10 tips that will help promote and improve employee wellness in the workplace and enjoy a healthier workforce in the process.

As Grobrix Urban Farmers, we are privileged to have been to many different offices and interacted with employees and workers from various industries, so count us qualified to give some tips 😉

Prudential Singapore Office's Weekly Salad Session with Grobrix Harvest (Credits: Melissa of CBRE at Prudential Singapore)

1. Provide Healthy Snacks and Food

Nutrition is essential to ensuring the well-being of your employees. Providing them with healthy snacks and food in the workplace will encourage them to eat and spend time with their colleagues outdoors or in a communal area instead of doing so in front of their desks.

Besides, healthy snacks can give them the energy they need to remain productive, unlike junk food, which only make them feel sluggish throughout the day.

Aside from providing them with healthy options, you can encourage them to make healthy choices and provide them with the right nutrition education.

With inflation rising, one can hardly disagree that free snacks and meals are an employee retention and attraction magnet!

Grobrix harvest with Sodexo Chef in LinkedIn Singapore

2. Emphasise Ergonomics

Working long hours and sitting at a desk the whole day can lead to posture-related problems. As such, you want to create an ergonomic setup for your employees and address any issues that might be present.

You can also emphasise the importance of taking regular breaks and stretching exercises from time to time.

This way, you can help reduce the risks of your employees suffering from musculoskeletal disorders that stem from poor posture and sitting position when working.

3. Encourage Physical Activities

Employees should engage in some physical activities while inside the workplace as much as possible. You can encourage them to participate by providing free gym memberships, implementing a weekly yoga class, or providing incentives to those who engage in physical fitness activities.

Not only will this help with their physical well-being, but it can also help reduce stress from work and even boost their mental well-being.

Sometimes, providing employees access to nature indoors alone is a good enough feature to allow them to destress and even boost their productivity. One thing we learned after speaking to many aspiring farmers/gardeners is that not everybody likes being outdoors or performing tedious physical activities, but everyone needs a therapeutic outlet.

Employees at KPMG helping with weekly Grobrix harvest

4. Set Up a Vertical Edible Wall

When it comes to greening of space and buildings, vertical green walls are often the first to come to mind because of their aesthetic and footprint, but why not take it up a notch and have a vertical edible wall.

As the name implies, a vertical edible wall is a farm wall consisting of fresh, edible veggies that you and your employees can pick up straight from inside the office!

The thought of adding a source of fresh and edible produce right at your workplace is something that most companies could definitely benefit from. The good news is you no longer have to do it from scratch and worry about the wall looking bare after a harvest; because Grobrix’s solution is all-inclusive, meaning we will never let your office wall look bare, we bring you beautiful seedlings each time to replace the harvest.

Working with Grobrix also gets points accredited toward the BCA Green Mark by the Building and Construction Authority and helps your company get certified by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

If you want to develop better Corporate Social Responsibility while supporting your employees’ wellness, your can benefit from Grobrix’s full-service offering and add a nice, practical touch to your workplace.

See how Grobrix contributed to Shell Aviation in receiving the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award!

5. Encourage Positive Employee Relationships

Tension and office politics in the workplace can have a significant impact on the overall well-being of your employees. If left unattended, it can lead to a toxic working environment that can significantly harm your business.

Hence, you want to encourage and cultivate positive relationships among your employees by encouraging them to show kindness and professionalism to their colleagues. As much as possible, address any potential workplace drama and intentionally shape a culture of healthy collaboration, peace, and camaraderie. Speaking of a sense of community, another perk of working with Grobrix is the additional engagement opportunities you can add to your workplace. Grobrix has a weekly harvest and employee engagement program where everyone can gather and bond as they harvest and enjoy fresh and healthy veggie meals. Simple activities like this can go a long way in promoting a positive workplace environment.

Yinson employees sharing homemade kombucha over Grobrix weekly harvest

6. Provide Mental Health Support

Mental health is a crucial element in the overall wellness of your employees. Whenever possible, aim to promote mental health and wellness in the office by offering counselling services or providing employees access to mental health professionals.

Also, encourage any discussions related to mental health and create a work environment where everyone can support one another. You can go as far as starting mental health awareness campaigns, providing support to struggling employees, and even training managers to address any issues related to mental health. Even simple things like adding more plants or allowing pets at your workplace can alleviate stress, improve mood, and promote a sense of calm overall.

Folks at Media.Monks office getting the best of both worlds - Plants & Pets

7. Declutter the Office

Any clutter or dirt in the office can only distract everyone who’s working. By decluttering the workplace and keeping it clean at all times, you’ll be able to foster a productive work culture.

One of the ways you can do this is by hiring a weekly cleaning service to get rid of any dirt and clutter in the workplace. You can also encourage your employees to wipe their desks clean regularly.

Cleaning must be a team effort, so encourage everyone and ensure they’re on board. And don’t forget to regularly clean the trash bins, especially if it’s filled with biodegradable waste.

8. Establish an Effective Communication Channel

Effective communication that’s always available is essential for improving and maintaining workplace wellness. You want to set up transparent communication channels that are easily accessible for your employees whenever they want to express their concerns, share their ideas, or even receive feedback on their performance.

You can use various tools to pull this off. These can be bulletin boards, newsletters, and any platform to help you distribute wellness-related information.

Aside from that, encourage your managers and team leaders to be more mindful and discerning of employee concerns and feedback.

9. Set Up Workshops and Training Programs

Workshops and training programs are excellent avenues for your employees to learn new skills and even improve their existing ones. These are helpful for upskilling, especially when the problems involved have something related to their current job. Not only will this help improve their productivity, but it can also help maintain their expertise. It’s a great way of showcasing your employees that you value them and their contributions to your company.

The workshops don’t have to be entirely work-related. Adding creative workshops and events into the mix can also promote workplace wellness. When you work with Grobrix, you can also access these kinds of workshops, including Salad Dressing Workshop, Edible Flower Dressing, Tea Blending, and even Cocktail Mixology Workshop.

Grobrix at Sodexo Singapore HQ - plant workshop
Grobrix Workshop at Danone's Family Day

10. Create a Space for Relaxation

Lastly, you’d want to create a space where your employees can relax and chill for a few minutes. This space should be free of any clutter and has to be comfortable enough to unwind and destress. Secure that designated space for taking a break, and consider adding touches like comfortable seating, soft lighting, calming décor, and soothing colours. Add the elements that promote a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere, including more greenery like that of the Grobrix edible wall.

The Key Takeaway

Promoting and improving workplace wellness is a key aspect that today’s corporate world needs. The benefits don’t just focus on maintaining the physical and mental health of your employees, but they also extend to the overall success of your business.

Grobrix is your partner in creating a healthier, more conducive atmosphere for your employees. Contact us and have Grobrix transform your workplace.

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